While we do our best to ensure that every project is done right, only you know your project well enough to make sure all the elements are in place. We urge you to take the proofing phase seriously and check every document carefully. Once you have signed off on a final proof, you are giving us authorization to proceed with printing. After you have given us the approval to proceed, we will not re-print your job for any error you did not notice.

Included in the price of all items is an electronic proof (unless otherwise noted, mainly for promotional items). Electronic proofs are not intended to be accurate for color. In fact, we can safely say that the color won't match the printed piece you receive as we cannot guarantee the printed piece will exactly match the colors on your screen or printer.

Electronic Proofs Electronic proofs are digital facsimiles of your project sent to you online. We will email you a PDF proof for you to sign off on via email.

PDF: PDFs (Portable Document Format) are files created in Adobe Acrobat Distiller and readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDFs are rapidly becoming the industry standard for file transfer and are our preferred format. Color fidelity of PDF files is affected by monitor calibration, lighting and use of Pantone® colors (Pantone® colors do not always appear as true on your screen). Therefore the color you see on screen may not appear as they do in print. However, PDFs provide a reasonable means for checking the accuracy of your files for print. Adobe Acrobat runs on both IBM and Macintosh platforms and can be downloaded for free from (click here>>).

Mail us back your approved proofs as soon as possible so that we can begin printing. If you have corrections, you have two options: 1) you may make the corrections yourself and send us new files.. 2) We can make the changes for you. We will quote you on how much the corrections will cost. Production for your job will not begin until we receive written sign off on the proof.