What to look for on a proof


Attention to detail is the key to successful proofing. This checklist will help you make sure your checking your proofs thoroughly.

    Is any type dirty or broken?
    Are photos positioned, cropped and scaled correctly?
    Are bleeds, perforations and folds indicated properly?<
    Are text and graphics in the right places?
    Is the trim size correct?
    Are borders correct?
    Are elements appropriately aligned, especially at the tops and bottoms of sections or pages?
    Are there any typos?
    Is the pagination correct?
    Are colors correct?
    Are screen values correct?

Please look over the proof very carefully for any spelling or typo errors. Please note that when you send back an email stating it is OK to print, Faith Graphix nor will the factory be liable for any typos or errors.  PLEASE PROOF CAREFULLY!  Once you approve this proof, full responsibility for the accuracy of the copy, size & positioning of the imprint is YOURS. Please pay particular attention to spelling, addresses and phone numbers. Online proofing is to show color and/or color breaks, but IS NOT an exact color matching system. Output from laser & ink-jet printers or what you view on your computer monitor cannot be matched. These methods are subjective and may not accurately represent your final printed product.