Faith Graphix: The Beginnings of Something Truly Unique

Faith Graphix-Printing You Can Trust is the brainchild of founder Dawn Fitchett-Fernandes. Dawn has more than 35 years of deep experience in the printing industry, and she fully understands all facets of the printing process including: pre-press, printing, finishing, and in every process of printing.

For the last 8 years of her corporate career, Dawn worked as a print broker and administrator for a large online printing company outside of the loop in Chicago.

But in 2007, the economy crunch hit, and Dawn found herself out of a lucrative career. That’s when Dawn knew she had to take proactive action and make a change on her terms...

Dawn Fitchett

- Celebrate Our Town, Inc.

In 2009, Dawn ventured out on her own. That same year, she created a highly successful advertising agency called Celebrate Our Town. The aim of this company was to help local small businesses, nonprofits, and the community as a whole. Celebrate Our Town grew quickly to over 200 clients and it became the actual launching pad and the initial catalyst that is now, Faith Graphix. Dawn eventually sold this company to her business partner in 2016 so she could focus on her other business passions.

- Celebrate Home, Inc.

After Celebrate Our Town took off, Dawn had also created yet another successful corporation called, Celebrate Home, Inc., which can be found online at Dawn wrote and branded a unique “Celebrate Home Business Opportunity Kit” that she sells with exclusive territory to new entrepreneurs worldwide. She has dealers in 34 states here in the USA, but also Canada and Australia as well. This unique program focuses on helping other like-minded entrepreneurs succeed in their own branded business, while helping their local community at the same time.

- Faith Graphix-Printing You Can Trust, Inc.

Faith Graphix is Dawns ever-expanding and rapidly growing “all-in-one” printing company. Before Dawn started Faith Graphix, she knew she wanted to create a printing company that encompassed ALL the most critical elements that companies were in need of the very most when it came to their own printing needs. And that’s exactly what she’s done here at Faith Graphix!

At Faith Graphix, we put all of our central focus on these critical elements...

  • Premium and High-Quality Printing

  • Reasonable and Affordable Pricing

  • Beneficial Consulting and Marketing Advice

  • Unparalleled Focus On Important Details

  • Personal and Friendly Customer Support

Thanks to Dawn’s decades of experience and success in the printing industry, she fully realizes that printing is an actual science. It’s much more than just mere technical talk as well. Here at Faith Graphix, Dawn and her printing experts understand and execute the right mathematical algorithms to ensure that all print jobs are not only done correctly, but also so they come out looking crisp, clear and vibrant in order to look great in the real world.

We’ve simplified the entire printing process for our loyal clients and customers. We take care of all the hard work and details. All you have to do is sit back and relax...and watch us deliver!

faith graphix

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