5 Ways a Printer Can Bring Your Marketing Materials to Life

I’ve seen a lot of print materials in my time. Some are great, some are OK, and some are just plain awful!

Printing brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards and other collateral gets expensive and we hate seeing businesses waste their money on materials that are just average.

When we look over a client’s file before printing we make sure that it is high quality and will look appealing. A lot of people don’t realize that graphics which look stunning on a computer screen or website aren’t high enough quality for printing. We frequently suggest steps that will make their brochures or business cards more effective – even if that involves calling in a designer to create a more powerful impact. One client said: “I wasn’t sure that hiring a designer and creating a unique business card was going to worth the investment. Boy was I wrong! That business card paid for itself within weeks.”

As Dawn says, “A proactive printer can give you the advice and analysis you need to make your printed materials stunning and effective, but no printer can make poor design or sloppy text look great.” After more than 30 years working in the print business, I can tell you that not all printed materials are created equal!   I can also tell you that businesses which communicate effectively in print are usually ones which achieve long-term success and profitability.

When I founded Faith Graphix I decided we wanted to be much more than just a commodity printer. From the start, Faith Graphix has been committed to helping our customers use print to promote their business effectively. This often means that we will suggest design and content improvements plus creative ways to save your business money, usually with higher impact paper stocks and techniques. Our goal is always to make sure that your printing collateral really promotes your brand and that you get a great return on your investment.

5 ways to get the most from even your most basic marketing materials

Let’s talk Business Cards today, the 3.5-by-2-inch billboard that carries important contact and other vital information about your business. Billions get printed (and sadly discarded) each year in spite of the main goal of their owners — to be kept, remembered and used when the need arises for their products or services.

What differentiates keepers from those that get recycled in the round file? Here are five key components that will help your business cards and corresponding printed marketing materials get noticed and stand out from the crowd in a way that means business for you and your company.

1. Stand out in order to be noticed

There are several ways your business card (and letterhead, envelope and other printed materials) can stand out for the right reason in order to be noticed. Logo design, color, fonts and graphics all play a part in catching the eye and keeping it focused on this small piece of real estate. The paper you choose is also vital in speaking your brand.

2. Convey differentiating information

This seems to be a no-brainer but often is overlooked. Sure, name, phone, website and email address are a must, but don't forget your go-to or differentiating products or services that let potential new customers know what you can do for them.

One non-profit consultant added two words (Grant Writer) to her business cards and saw a marked increase in returned phone calls. Think about adding a QSR code to your website or your Twitter and Linked-in handles, especially if you're frequently posting pertinent information about your business sector.

3. Leave the gimmicks to others

Nothing hits the trash can quicker than round, oversized, undersized or irregular material cards. Fun and cute? Maybe. But also more expensive and often less convenient for the person who just wants your contact information.

If you're in a creative business, then an irregular card will work. For most small businesses, however, classic means classy — and getting noticed for the right reason is always a smart move.

4. Build your brand and identity through a singular look

Your business cards, letterhead, brochures, fliers and other printed marketing and office materials should all bear the same color scheme, logo, taglines (if you are using) and graphics. You want potential customers to recognize your direct mail and marketing material as yours. Consistent imagery and messaging is the best way to build your brand.

5. Clean, error-free copy

Be certain your copy is clean with no typos or other errors. Triple check, and then have a third party check again. There is no margin for error here.

One other bit of advice most small business people would do well to heed is to work with a pro. Working with proactive professional printers like Faith Graphix, who has a reputation for quality and service will save you money in the long run and give you confidence in knowing your job will be done right the first time and help maintain profitable print with a high impact. We aim to make your business dominate you niche in the sea of sharks, even on a tuna budget!

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