Celebrity Name Dropping BLING BOMB (say that 5 times fast)!

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We generally do not like to name drop; nonetheless, we are so excited to have heard such positive reviews on our BLING name badges that were worn by the most incredible celebrities last weekend that we have to share.

First let us tell you what BLING custom name tags can do for your business:

A BlingTag is a permission slip. It’s OK to talk to strangers (in style!), it is a conversation advancer and engagement tool, an invitation for friendliness, a BlingTag is a simple act of self-confidence and comfort, it a disarming gesture, an immediate tool of accountability, they personalize and humanizes you, a BlingTag is a reminder to be open, a BlingTag is honest, it stretches you. Wearing a nametag LITERALLY causes you to “stick yourself out there” and most important a BlingTag is a cue for FUN. It makes people smile, it makes people laugh. It invites jokes and playfulness, even in the most serious and formal and professional situations, the casual, relaxing –yet curious- nature of a BlingTag is impossible to ignore. Get Blinged and go out and brighten your world & make it happen!

Ok…let’s get to the name dropping!

Our Bling Name Badges were worn last weekend by:

Top Celebrity Fashion Designer Marisa Kenson of MK Collab- www.mkcollab.com (Must Check Out!)

Jade Roper who was on 'The Bachelor' 2015 season with Chris Soules

Samantha Steffen who was also on 'The Bachelor' 2015 season with Chris Soules

The Chief Operating Chief Operating Officer (COO) Michelle Wallach & Michelle Van Etten a Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director plus many other top executives in the company.

And Sunshine Lisa Briskie the Director of Youngevity Be the Change Foundation.

We were tickled pink to hear that everyone LOVED their BLING name tag!

Give us a shout out at info@faithgraphix.com or 262.997.4815 and let us create a BLING name badge that will get you noticed in style!