You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Schwag Definition: Schwag /SHwaɡ/ = products given away free, typically for promotional & marketing purposes…Shwing!

Nothing beats high-quality schwag to promote your products, whether you're handing it out at conferences, mailing it to customers, or simply wearing it yourself wherever you go. The keyword, however, is high quality--because cheap, poorly made printed marketing material and promotional products will only do you more harm than good.

The power of print has not been lost. We offer a full line of graphic design for print production and high quality printed schwag including business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, trade show materials, banners, and numerous extraordinary print advertising "all stars" to put you in the game fully loaded to show your potential clients you mean business!

All printed collateral should connect with its audience, and we understand what it takes to create an emotional connection with your brand. Make sure your print materials represent your business in a professional and memorable manner.

Print marketing materials represent your business in a very tangible way and are the only pieces left after a meeting. They should consistently tie into your brand and message. This is accomplished by a clean design, clear copy, and memorable presentation. We’re prepared to create a series of relating print materials, or simply one element. If it can be printed, we can design it, craft it, and finish it.

Brochures: Brochures can be a concise and economical way to explain your business, programs or services. We can help you evaluate if this is the best method for sharing your information, then make an impact with design and print.

Business Cards: Every business needs one, but most are lost in the vastness of the business card holder. Having a memorable and professional card can be tough, let us take our creative eye to it, and your company will never look better.

Letterhead: Company letterhead makes your business stand apart as the reputable institution it is. Whether it needs to be professionally printed or a design you can insert into each document, we can improve your professional identity.

Postcards: Postcards can serve multiple purposes. Direct mailing a professionally written and beautifully finished card can remind consumers of your quality work and keep your brand in their purchasing mind. A simple thank you or holiday wishes shows a deeper commitment and improves customer relations.

Trade Show Displays & Banners: If you have an upcoming trade show or just an empty space on the wall, we can show you many options for trade show displays and business banners with or without stands that will cut through the marketing noise and stand out, we will display your event, business and brand in a clear, larger than life fashion.

Promotional Products: Promotional products allow people to see your brand, associate your brand and recognize your brand. When executed properly a promotional product marketing strategy can be hugely successful and very rewarding, both for sales and revenue, and the brand’s awareness and reputation.

In today’s global marketplace, you need to be prepared to present your business in any and all forms. We design versatile graphics that can be used and formatted for all of your marketing routes.

Choosing the right marketing material for your business is essential to accurately branding your company. The right looks for your marketing material in print, on the display of your company and on promotional products can make or break the reputation of your business. The image and designs of these products will catch customers' eyes faster than any of the words printed, so make sure your business brand represents you correctly & effectively!

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression…let's make it one they will not forget {& not for the wrong reasons!}.

Faith Graphix. Sit Back. Relax. We Got It.

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