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PAPER: Please indicate: type of paper, such as gloss or uncoated, and weight of paper. If you are not sure, please describe what you need the best that you can. For example: "Like the weight of a business card, or the weight of a magazine."
INK COLORS: Please be sure to specify if the sheet prints on ONE SIDE or BOTH SIDES. Also, is there tight register, bleeds or heavy ink coverage?
COATING - Please indicate if you would like varnish, aqueous, lamination, or U.V. coating.
BINDERY: Please indicate if you need folding, perfing, die-cutting, etc. For folding, please indicate the flat size and the final folded size. Please provide as much detail as possible as to how it folds.
SOFTWARE: Let us know what type of file you will be sending for print.
TURN-AROUND TIME: If you know specifically when you need your job delivered, please give us as much information as possible.
ART DESIGN: If you need your project to be designed, we will need a detailed list of what you would like to be created. We will then quote you on our graphic design charge.

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Please Note: All pricing based on print ready digital files - additional charges will apply for any file manipulation.

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