Software Issues


The easiest and most efficient software for us to work with is Quark Express, Pagemaker, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Files prepared with these software types will never cost you anything additional if you have prepared your files correctly. (Charges are incurred when your files are not print ready and you have corrections to be made).

Other software we receive and use for jobs regularly are Publisher, Corel, Word and many others. These programs can have additional charges to make them "print ready". We won't know until we get your files and pre-flight them.

Files which require our art department time to make them "print ready" will be charged additional. We would not proceed with changes to your files without your knowledge and approval.  

Any alterations made to your electronic file and/or in response to changes indicated on your proof will be an additional charge. Our pricing structure is for print ready files only. The additional charges includes image replacement, re-sizing or repositioning and making text changes or corrections. We will check your file before beginning any work and notify you about alterations to get your approval before proceeding with the job.