Supplying Print Ready Files


Your quote is based on you providing ‘Press/Print Ready’ files, but what are Press Ready Files? These are files which are supplied to the printer to be used for output with no intervention from the printer prior to production stage. As you can imagine, this file must be correct to avoid common problems during the print stage.
PICS: it is important that any photos used in the job are correctly adjusted for brightness and contrast. So if they are dark, they will print dark so will require correction. Also, the resolution should be minimum of 300dpi as the pics will print poorly or fuzzy if much lower than this. Remember resolution decreases as physical size increases. Same goes for any graphics/logos used, they should be of a reasonable resolution for printing.
PDF: the best way to supply your file is as a PRESS READY PDF - this differs from a standard PDF file in that the file is optimized for printing using CMYK and applying crop marks. It also reduces photos to 300dpi if they are larger than this (but cannot increase file resolution). We cannot alter the file once received, so we rely on you (the designer) as having completed the layout & proofing, and having the knowledge to ensure files are correct and in the right format.

* The fonts and images are embedded into the document (no need to gather them up to provide to the printer)

* PDF's display and print the same on all computers (PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format)

* PDF's are compressed, so the file size is much smaller than their native art files. The quality of your printing, however, will not be compromised as long as the PDF file is saved properly.

* As long as you are not using a raster-art design program, all type and other vector art will remain crisp and pixel-free. In contrast, if you save to JPG or other raster file formats, all type and vector art will have pixels in it and print fuzzy.

FONTS: fonts must be converted to ‘outlines’ or ‘curves’ which makes them un-editable once done. This is usually done when producing the Press Ready PDF, look for this option and ensure it’s checked. The reason this is important is to ensure all fonts used reproduce correctly (regardless whether or not the font is on the recipient computer).

We always have our art department preflight your files to catch any problems that may occur and will notify you if your file is not print ready and what needs to be done to make it print ready.